Live2d Rigging & Animation

artist: Ai__Bun

Artist: Bunpeito

Howdy! My name is Bogie and I do live2d rigging & animation. If you are interested please check my TOS and FAQ first.Commission status: Closed
Next opening: July slots(2-3) opening in Mid-June
If you have questions feel free to DM me.I don't mind checking out the design beforehand so I don't waste your time if we are not a good fit.My Twitch

Terms of Service - !!READ!!

I am not at fault if you choose to not read the rules for commissioning me; this is your responsibility it is publicly available and linked to you multiple times. Please read this entirely and carefully. I will refuse your commission if you do not agree to these terms.If you are not comfortable with my Terms Of Service and/or are not willing to agree to the conditions, you may not request a commission.


== I do not lock in prices, the price of the rig is whatever my prices are at the moment. == If you are getting an "upgrade" from half body to full body; the price is the difference between the two. I am able to decline or turn away a commission at any time, if payment was made in this instance; there will be a full refund. A== I do not send the live2d project file.== You will receive the model to use, but not the cmo3 or any other project/editable files with the model. All rigs and animations can be used for commercial use. All communication relating to commissions must stick to one location. Communication methods are Twitter DM or Email. I have permission to stream the rigging of the model on discord or twitch as well as post WIPS in video format of the rig on socials. If I am unable to stream or post WIPs on socials, there will be a privacy fee that is 10% of the total. The client agrees they are of legal age. Models are not allowed to be edited by other rigging artists. Availability is not guaranteed from me, so please reach out as early as possible if you are a previous client wanting an update(expressions, outfits, overall rig update). You must credit me by linking my Twitter in an easy to see place. This would be twitter or credit panel. Rig/mama/papa/any/etc: @bogiewogi. The rig or any animations cannot be used for NFT or related to NFT purposes.11. Delivery time varies depending on the model(bust, half body, full body), but will be delivered 1-2 months from the initial start time. ( Start time refers to after payment has been made and rigging has started, NOT the time you joined the waitlist.)
PSDs must be rig-ready. If the PSD is not up to my cutting standards I will not start the model. I must have the PSD by the START of the working month. This means I will need to already look over the PSD and make sure it is separated for my rigging. If it is not ready by that date, we will have to move the commission request to my next available spot, which typically is the next waitlist ( so usually a month+ delay)
==I do not personally cut for any live2d art. == There are artists i can recommend if we are working together that could cut the model to be live2d ready, they have their own prices/fees. I will not rig a previously rigged model unless the rig was completed & debuted 6+ months ago. If re-selling the rig is desired, please inform me. I am not required to post your project in any public space, and if posted, I am not required to keep it there indefinitely. I do not post all the rigs/animations I do. Please keep in mind I am a human just like you. Respect my time as I respect yours. Communication is the key to a successful and happy commission process.


All payments are done using PayPal invoice and the currency is USD. There are no refunds once work has been started. I accept payment once I am ready to start the work. There are no payment plans at this moment. Priority/Rush orders are +50% of the total. Please inquire beforehand to see if I can accept your timeline. It will skip the queue and have your commission started instantly. I may not be able to accept the request if the deadline is too demanding.

Refunds & Chargeback

Once the work has been started, there are no refunds. If an issue falls on MYSELF that I cannot complete the commission request, I will issue a full refund covering the Paypal fees. If I cancel a project, I will reimburse the lost fees and refund 100%. You are NOT authorized to issue a chargeback for any reason. If for any reason your PayPal account malfunctions or authorizes a refund request without your knowledge, you must contact me as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue. You are required to contact me when you need to cancel a commission request. Purposefully issuing a chargeback without contacting me to cancel/refund a project will result in immediate blacklisting for you as well as your email address, and anyone sharing your PayPal account, including side accounts. I will also share this information with peers.

Paypal Disclaimer

Please note that all of my sales are "Digital Artwork" and it is the Artwork’s "Intellectual Property" that is purchased by you, the Client. Nothing is ever intended by either me or the Client, to be physically shipped to them. I am not required ever to ship any item unless it was explicitly discussed.


Once accepted, I will send a google form for you to fill out with details about the commission. Once your time in my list comes up; I will reach out a day before and confirm we are good to begin and send the invoice via PayPal. WIPs are sent via videos through whatever method of communication we are using. A WIP version of the model will be sent after the invoice is paid in full and the model's barebones are complete ( base movement not including physics or expressions) When the rig is complete, I will send a final video showing the model. Once approved I will send a ZIP via google drive link. Be sure to save yourself a copy of the download since I cannot host the file on my google drive indefinitely. Any help with tracking will be given to the best of my abilities. If you have a deadline for your commission, you must disclose this to me ASAP in order to figure out if it's something I can work with. I have the right to decline a project if there is too short of a time allowance. You will be notified of any delays on my end; and i expect the same level of communication if there are any delays on your end.

Revisions & Feedback

I am not responsible for any unsatisfactory element of the finished commission request if no feedback was given to amend it. Each WIP that is sent to you, I am happy to hear any type of feedback. Adjustments to the model will be done then according to the feedback from the client. Any art changes after rigging has started will result in a minimal fee starting at $10 per change. ( This includes fixing basic errors on the art side of things, such as colors, shading, shapes, etc. ) Once we start the rigging, I send WIPS to you, for the purpose of showing the progress and receiving feedback if there is any changes. Communication is important so be sure to be open about any changes! This is a custom request after all; my vision for things may not line up with your vision. Any changes requested after 1 week of receiving the final product will be considered however they are not a priority and will require a fee. Any small changes after the client has tested the model will be fixed and a final version will be sent. Any errors missed I will fix~ ( it's always helpful to have extra eyes on the model after staring at it for hours I can miss things!) In the absence of feedback from the client(you), any changes to the final piece will be subject to a fee.Once you've read this all feel free to navigate to my work and prices below.Last updated: 10/23/2022==View past TOS 2022/2021/2020 ==

Past TOS 2022/2021/2020

Terms of Service:I am not at fault if you choose to not read the rules for commissioning me; this is your responsibility it is publicly available and linked in the invoice that is sent to you.1. All payments are done by PayPal invoice and the currency is USD. I will send you an invoice to be paid in full before I send you any model file.2. There are no refunds once the project is started.Except in the case of an issue that falls on me and results in a cancellation, there will be a refund.3. PSDs must be rig-ready. If the PSD is not ready for my rigging requirements, I will not start on the model until the PSD is fixed and your position on the waitlist will be pushed back. I do not offer cutting services. If there are changes to be done with the PSD/art after rigging has started, depending on the changes there will be a fee added on depending on the adjustment.4. I do not send the live2d project file. You will receive all files needed for runtime.5. All rigs can be used for commercial use.6. WIPs are sent via videos through whatever method of communication we are using. There will be multiple WIP videos and you have the opportunity to request changes during the rigging process as well as up to 1 week after you obtained the rig. Any changes requested after the 1 week period will be considered however they are not a priority and may require a fee.7. I am able to decline or turn away a commission at any time. If payment was sent and I feel I cannot complete the commission for any reason that falls on MYSELF, a full refund will be given. I hold myself to specific standards and will only accept and complete commissions I am able to meet those with. Note: I do not typically work on previously rigged model art. If I did the time between the previously completed rig would need to be at least 6 months.8. All communication relating to commissions must be made through Email, Discord DM or Twitter DM. Please stick to one location.9. I have permission to stream the models rigging in discord or twitch. If I am unable to stream or post WIPs on socials, there will be a privacy fee that is 10% of the total.10. The client agrees they are of legal age and will not issue a chargeback for the commission in any circumstance. If you are unhappy with the rig, I will do what I can to fix it.11. If your art isn't ready by the 20th of each month, your position will be pushed back to the next available spot, which typically is my next waitlist. I do not rush my work and will not push back others who have their art ready for me to start on time. I do not lock in prices, the price of the rig is whatever my prices are at the moment!
Please credit me by linking my Twitter in your bio (rig/mama/papa/any/etc: @bogiewogi)and/or twitch description.
13. **I do not offer rigging for vbridger. The only group/people that I am comfortable adding bridger enhancement to your model is RiggerMortis
_. **
Once you've read this all feel free to navigate to my work and prices below.Last updated: 3/24/2022 ( updated wording)

FAQ - Commonly asked questions

Q: Do you offer vbridger?
- I do not offer rigging for vbridger. The only group/people that I am comfortable adding bridger enhancement to your model is RiggerMortis. I am not(and will not) be comfortable sharing my cmo3 with anybody else.
Q: Do you offer hand tracking?
- I do not, I am sorry.
Q: Can i do a payment plan?
- I don't currently offer payment plans. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Q: Can I be put on a waitlist for __ month?
- I try not to create a list too far out, unless you are a previous client, the answer is most likely no. My waitlists are usually created a month out. I always (try to)open on the 1st of every month.
Q: Can you give me a quote?
- If you have your finished PSD, I can take a look at that and give you a quote. If it is still in the process, please use my quote calculator located at the bottom of my prices page to estimate for yourself.
Q: Why did you reject my request?
-Theres no singular reason. A lot of thought goes behind my decision, such as if I can stream/post wips, if the design works well with how I rig, etc. Please don't feel bad I try to recommend others if I can.
Q: How long does a rig take you?
-It depends on what is being asked of me; anywhere from 1-3 weeks, I usually over-shoot my time estimation so I don't have to rush on work. i've been told that I work fast; but I just work a lot.
Q: Can you rig like (NAME)?
- No, I recommend you try to obtain a slot with them if that is the style you would like~
Q: Can you rig this feature (links tweet/video)
- I will be more than happy to try if its something I can learn or have the art parts to do! I love learning new fancy and cool things. Try to keep in mind, it may not be possible, but I'm happy to try.
Q:Do you post all if your models? if not why not?
- I post models typically when I am recently done with them if I were to post. I don't post all of the models I rig publically. There is no specific reason, I like all the models I accept or I wouldn't of accepted the request
Q: When do you actively work?
- I work during the weekdays and am based in the central time zone. I do try to take weekends off so responses may be delayed.


The prices listed below are base prices. I include 2 simple expressions if provided.There are no tiers to my rigging, all my rigs include 100% of my current skill, love, and effort.For commonly asked questions, please check here before DMing!*If this is a corporate inquiry please click here

Rigging Prices

Rigging type 
Half Body (Waist up, no pants)$750+
Full Body$1000+

Priority rush is +50% of the total. Please reach out and ask about it to make sure I have a spot available. You will be put first in the queue, if there are other priority orders then you will be after theirs

Animation Prices

Animation Misc 
Animated emotes$55
Animated Loading Screen$200+

*Must be in contact with your artist. I do not cut for animation, the emote will need to be pre-cut. I will need to see the PSD before accepting.

Expressions & Misc

Misc Detail Pricing 
Simple Expressions$10
Complex Expressions$15+
Clothing Toggles$30+
Alternate outfit$250+
Idle Animations$25+
*Animated Expressions$30+
Tongue out$75
Cheek Puff$20
Additional Hairstyles$80+
Alternate Arms$35+
Animal Ears$35+
Animal Tails$20+
Design Complexity$10+

*I do recommend/prefer having visual examples of the expression you are wanting. ( a sketch from the artist or a sheet with them put together) if not I will ask for a detailed description from you of what you are wanting.Please discuss animated expressions with me to ensure it is something I would be able to do. Do not assume I can do it just because others can.

Quote Estimate Calculator

Please be aware tool solely for you to get a general idea of what the commission could possibly cost, and is in no way a final quote for the commission request.You are more than welcome to send me a screenshot of the quote, but in the end the final cost is what I consider the details of the commission request to be.


To see more recent examples, please check out my twitter media feed.

Rigging Examples

Artist & Model: Emil

Artist:T0uMama | Model: AKA AI

Artist:BeanniVT | Model: PixelCupcakeArt

Artist:minkiidinkii | Model: Falsekko


Artist: Forestfox66 Model:RadiaActive_VT

Animation Examples

Artist:Ai__Bun | Model: AngelFire635

Artist:Ai__Bun | Model: AnguisPlus

Artist:Ai__Bun | Model: LilithPlusTweet

Artist:kazekitanaki | Model: cupidkirin

Contact me

If you are interested in a commission or just have a question, feel free to fill out this form with your request or questions. You are also free to send me a DM on Twitter.

Model Credits

All my models rigs are by myself. The artists of the models are the following:

artist: Ai__Bun

Artist: Sarru

artist: Ai__Bun

Artist: Ai__bun

artist: Ai__Bun

Artist: inkxia(2b)

artist: Ai__Bun

Artist: BeannieVt

artist: Ai__Bun

Artist: Kibo

artist: Ai__Bun

Artist: Emil (socky2me)

Corporate Inquiry

This form is for corporate inquiries only.Please state as much of the project details that can be disclosed to receive a more accurate quote.Corporate pricing is different than indie pricing.Quotes are not guaranteed/locked prices and may change based on additional information and requests.Timeframe for projects are preferred to be 1-2 months of delivery time. Anytime earlier may be considered but will have a rush fee.